A great beginning

In the last days, the first World Orienteering Day hit Mauritius for the very first time. 

Many events were organized all over the country and hundreds of teachers and students were involved. 

This success was made possible thanks to the great work of the new-born Mauritius Orienteering Federation, spreading the knowledge of Orienteering through a webinar held earlier this year, aimed to prepare dozens of Physical Educators to introduce Orienteering sport in their classes. 

After this initial webinar of 10 lessons prepared by Park World Tour Academy in cooperation with IOF, a second webinar, prepared for a selected group of teachers, deepened the topic of map making. 

Last week, when the schools were still on holiday, the Physical Educators gathered and trained together at the Quartier Militaire SSS (Girls). 

During this week, with the resumption of the studies, the same PEs tested their students with orienteering activities. In the pictures and in the videos you can see the enthusiastic participation of many young orienteering beginners!

The cooperation between IOF, Mauritius Orienteering Federation and Park World Tour Academy intends first to develop orienteering in this beautiful country, and then to organize an International Orienteering event as soon as the Covid situation will allow it. 
Therefore, a first visit of IOF and Park World Tour Academy delegates is planned for the early October. 
During this visit, the PEs participating to the webinar will be trained in practice; another live seminar (including theory and practice) will be held for interested Mauritians, draft of maps will be finalized so the local schools could organize Orienteering events, surveys will be done to find the most suitable places for a future international Orienteering event, including map making according to IOF standards.