Mauritius 3 days orienteering is approaching

We would like to remind that the registration for Mauritius 3 days orienteering is still open.

Would you like to experience a whole new country for orienteering (and maybe also spend a nice holiday at the same time)? Join us in Mauritius in November. More info here: Mauritius 3 days.

During the year, PWT has handed a number of vouchers for elite athletes. The winners of ASOM as well as the individual sprint World Champions from Denmark have been awarded with vouchers including Mauritius 3-days with full board.

World Champion Megan Carter-Davies is already looking forward to joining the Mauritius 3-days orienteering. The other voucher winners are Simona Aebersold, Kasper Fosser, and Matthias Kyburz. If a voucher winner would choose to not take part in Mauritius, the voucher will be handed on to another elite runner chosen by PWT.

While the vouchers include Mauritius 3-days with full board, we would also like to help the athletes with their flights. Here, we are calling for your support.

You can support, for example, by buying the PWT 25-years anniversary book ‘Made for loving it’.

Another option is a sponsorship agreement with PWT. For this, please contact: and