Three controls missing?

Thousands of people filled Laxå, Sweden, for a giant fair on 2.8.1997. Mapmaker and course setter Tage Hammer got some of them into the forest, watching a surprise on the Park World Tour course.

PWT 1997 Laxå Map piece

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Blooming smiles

These athletes had a lot of reason for their happy smiles. Not only they did amazingly well in the race but also got to experience orienteering in yet a new interesting map in Beijing, in a venue that was opened just for the PWT athletes on 8.11.2019.

Photo: Tuomas Kari

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This is how we do it

Pierpaolo Corona and Laure Coupat got some good advice from local host Svein Erik Mellem in Flisa, Norway, 26.6.1997. One of the smallest towns to host the Park World Tour welcomed the participants warmly – and the women got a shower early on in the race.

Photo: Erik Borg

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Choose your cottage

Linqigu orienteering town and its 2017 opened PWT International Orienteering Park offered the surroundings for the latest PWT race to have taken place, 9.11.2019. Galina Vinogradova was the fastest in the race that had some special challenges set among the cottages.

Photo: Beijing O-Week

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City centre entertainment

The busiest street in central Jyväskylä, Finland, turned into start and finish arena for the Park World Tour that Friday, 13.6.1997. You could place your bets and spend 1.5 hours watching the world’s best orienteers – on TV, too – in a race that soon turned challenging.

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As fast as you can

Janne Salmi and the Park World Tour got an inspiring pacemaker in Eskilstuna, Sweden, 2.5.1997. The season opening among wild animals and carousels, accompanied by a rock band, brought the Tour a new attendance record.

Photo: Tommy Larsson

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Boys and girl of the bus

Having rolled down from Sweden with a busful of top orienteers, journalists and organisers, driver Ingemar Carlund was thanked by Park World Tour champions Jörgen Mårtensson and Reeta Kolkkala after the final in Prague, Czech Republic, 29.10.1996. Crew members Erik Unaas, Gåvert Wååg and Hans Mårtensson joined in.

Photo: Keith Samuelson

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On the football field

In Oslo, 31.7.1996, the Park World Tour racers got to share the arena with 15,000 young soccer players, taking part in the Norway Cup. Ragnhild Myrvold and the orienteers got a share of their cheers.

Photo: Erik Unaas

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A dive before the crowds

Diving into the river Laxån was the fastest route to the second last control at Park World Tour race number two in Sweden 20.7.1996. Marie-Luce Romanens stayed calm, in front of thousands of eyes.

Also Carsten Jørgensen was not able to finish with dry feet.

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All in one

Outside the spa hotel where all the runners stayed, the Park World Tour started in Vaasa, Finland, 13.6.1996, live on TV. Carsten Jørgensen, Rudolf Ropek and Jörgen Mårtensson finished on the podium, with sauna and banquet dinner waiting.

Photo: Bengt Tunis

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