Ready for the cruise

Having started and finished on a rock festival stage, 3.5 metres above ground, and successfully found 23 controls in the Vartiovuori park in central Turku, Finland, 11.6.1999, Gunilla Svärd receives another Park World Tour prize cheque. A banquet cruise on the Aura river is waiting.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

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PWT book ‘Made for loving it’ – special WOC discount

During the World Orienteering Championships in Doksy, Czech Republic, between 3.–9.7.2021, you can buy the PWT book Made for loving it with special WOC discount price of 1000 Czech crowns (about 39€). The offer is naturally available to both athletes and spectators alike

During the WOC, you can find and buy the book from the Czech federation shop in the event centers.

We also have book storages in Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, and Italy giving you a possibility for a pick-up in certain events in these countries, thus saving the postal fee. For pick-up options, please contact Jaroslav Kacmarcik (jkpwt [a] to enquire about this option – use the title “PWT book pickup” in the email.

Hands in the air

Above the sounds and ships of Stockholm, Sweden, careful navigation brings Maria Sandström to a first Park World Tour victory at Skansen outdoor museum and zoo 23.4.1999. Johanna Asklöf flies in third, 3,6 seconds behind.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén
Photo: Keith Samuelson

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Under the crown

In an open spring forest in Farum, Denmark, 26.3.1999, eager spectators, journalists and passengers get to watch Carsten Jørgensen heading for the wrong control and challenging a train.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

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One hundred times

Race number 100, on 31.10.2017, together with the unveiling ceremony of the local newly build PWT International Orienteering Park in Linqigu, China, gave reason for a lot of celebration, and a cake, of course.

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Loved by all

Hans Mårtensson, Ola Gustafsson, Gåvert Wååg and the other Park World Tour crew members were overwhelmed by the gift they got in Gothenburg, Sweden, 15.8.1998: New headgear from the top orienteers, thanking them for an amazing season.

Photo: Erik Unaas

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Guangdong style

No time to stop for bananas – Yannick Michiels flying out from the banana forest to enter the Yanzhou Island village, and ultimately taking a victory in the race on 13.12.2017.

PWT congratulates Yannick for his recent EOC silver medal, his first in international orienteering championships.

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Dressed for the games

The fashion models invited to entertain the orienteers in Olomouc 13.8.1998 suddenly found Katarina Borg, Hanne Staff & the gang in their dresses, taking over the catwalk. Jörgen Mårtensson, in a Winnie the Pooh tie, thanked the Czech Olympic Committee president Milan Jirasek with a Park World Tour standard.

Photo: Jaroslav Kačmarčík
Photo: Czech Orienteering Federation, CSOB

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One more

Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, one of the most merited runners in PWT history, took one more victory on 15.12.2017 in the forests of Xiqiao Mountain in Foshan. Here holding the biggest prize cheque together with the women’s winner Laura Ramstein.

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