PWT Book is now available to order

Park World Tour 25 years memory book is now available to be pre-ordered.

The anniversary book Made for loving it features the history of the Park World Tour, from 1996 to 2020. The book includes close to 350 pages, 1.000 photos, maps from all the 119 PWT events, memories from runners throughout the years, plus a lot more.

Order now at €49 + shipping in our Book shop.

The book will be published during the PWT 25th anniversary celebration & race held in accordance with Euromeeting 2020. The shipping of the books starts in November 2020.

The net proceeds from the book sales will be used to support the PWT idea and international youth orienteering.

See a sample of the book here.

Updates regarding the PWT Celebration Race

Based on the decision to include Sprints in WOC 2021, the organizer has decided to include a Sprint also in Euromeeting 2020. As there were already plans set for the PWT 25th anniversary celebration race (sprint) just before the Euromeeting, the organizer and PWT have decided to merge the two.

Thus, the PWT 25th anniversary celebration race will also be the Euromeeting 2020 sprint event. This means that the race will follow official standards for sprint orienteering event, and there will not be a limit for 25+25 participants but the entry will be according to the Euromeeting regulations.

The PWT / Euromeeting Sprint event will be held in Železný Brod on October 28th. More information about the event can be found in the updated Euromeeting Bulletin:

Embargoed area for the sprint

Celebration race plans going forward

We are pleased to announce that the plans and organizing of the PWT 25th anniversary celebration race are progressing.

Jaroslav Kacmarcik recently had a meeting with the WOC 2021 and Euromeeting 2020 event director Jan Picek, who will also be acting as the event director for the PWT race. The race is scheduled to be held 28th October, just before Euromeeting.

More detailed information about the PWT race will come later along with the Euromeeting bulletins, but we can already say that a Czech TV sport channel will be producing a live broadcast from the event.

Event director Jan Picek & Jaroslav Kacmarcik


We are continuing the work with the memory book for the 25th years celebration of Park World Tour. We wished to have the book ready for Sprint WOC 2020 in Denmark, but since WOC has been cancelled, we are organizing a separate book release and anniversary celebration event later on this year.

As one of the first PWT races was held in Czech, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary in Czech Republic, in connection with the Euromeeting 2020 and WOC 2021 pre-training camp. So, save the date: 28th October 2020!

A competition for 25 men + 25 women from 25 different countries on a 1:2500 scale map; one course of 2500m for all classes; 25000 CZK for the winners. 25 VIP guests and a special celebration prize by lucky draw: 1 man, 1 woman, 1 VIP guest/team.
More info about the event coming later.

Naturally, we will follow the situation with the pandemic, but we are optimistic that the celebration and the race can be organized. We wish that all countries will be able to participate, according to the upcoming safety regulations for travelling.

ps. We have also updated information regarding other upcoming events, as due to the pandemic situation and different restrictions, the events along with many details are yet to be confirmed.

For more information about Euromeeting and WOC, visit the official WOC2021 web site

PWT program & international orienteering calendar

Concerning the ongoing pandemic and its influence on international orienteering calendar (IOF events), PWT keeps following the situation. If necessary, rescheduling of PWT events may take place. For longer PWT tours, the aim is typically to keep them after the main international O-season. Thus, we closely follow the decisions made by the IOF, the international orienteering calendar as well as the possible adjustments made to it.

PWT is in contact with its partners and we are prepared to adjust dates of events where possible. More information when the situation updates. Until then, take care.

Matera, a legend

Dear orienteering friends. Tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd of March 2020, was supposed to take place the third elite orienteering event in Matera, the legendary sprint orienteering city located in the region of Basilicata in Southern Italy. Due to the very unfortunate recent events, the race has naturally been cancelled.

But orienteering in Matera and in Italy will be back again, and the planned event in Matera will take place 2021. PWT would like to present its support for this fantastic event.

Meanwhile, while most orienteering activities are postponed or cancelled, we can always look for positive feelings from good memories. Hence, we would like to present a video from the 2002 PWT event in Matera. Also, if you are interested who were on top that day, you can find the race report from the old PWT web site: PWT Matera 2002.

A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Have you already visited our Memories gallery? Maybe you can even find yourself there. In the Memories gallery you will find photos, videos, and texts from throughout the different years of the Park World Tour. PWT is constantly looking forward, yet we want to remember where we started off and all those nice moments on the way. Small photos can hold big memories.

The Memories gallery will be updated from time to time. The latest addition is this PWT presentation video from the 1990s.

Park World Tour Announces New Website

A new decade, a new website. 2020 will be the 25th year for Park World Tour. To celebrate this, Park World Tour launches a new website.

Since 1996 when Park World Tour was founded, 117 PWT events have taken place – the maps and results from those events you can still find from PWT’s old website, which remains online as a historical archive.

From 2020 on, all the news, events, and other PWT activities can be found from the new website PWT also presents a new Facebook pages for PWT and PWT Academy.

As we enter already the 25th year of PWT, PWT will continue to develop and promote orienteering in new countries and areas around the world. The new year will also bring some new collaborators and partnerships, while collaboration with existing partners also continues.

Connected to PWT organisation, Park World Tour Academy will help and support young runners to participate in differents international Events and Academies.

The original idea of Park World Tour is to offer 25 Men + 25 Women elite runners from different countries the possibility to run sprint competitions in urban areas with prize money, connected to cultural and touristic activities, and to give the same conditions for everyone.

Park World Tour, PWT, promoting orienteering since 1996, taking orienteering to new places and introducing our sport to new audiences. The work continues.

PWT & Kisakallio – A New Partnership

Park World Tour and Kisakallio Sports Institute (Finland) have started a collaboration aimed for orienteering promotion.

Heading in to the new decade, PWT also has some new collaborating partners. The first partnership to be announced is between PWT and Kisakallio Sports Institute. The main aim of the collaboration is to promote orienteering and develop orienteering related activities and events. More details will be presented at a later date.

Kisakallio Sports Institute is a non-profit foundation which offers a wide variety of sports, activities, educational possibilities and excellent facilities for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts.

Kisakallio Sports Institute was founded in 1949 to be a Gymnastics institute for women of all ages and today Kisakallio Sports Institute is one of the biggest training and education centers in Finland and Europe with 700 beds and almost 15000 sqm of sport facilities.

Orienteering is one of the main sports in Kisakallio. Kisakallio has hosted a lot of camps, especially for youth. Kisakallio has also organized many national and international events since 1980 when the first official orienteering map from Karnainen Korpi was published. For example, 2011 Kisakallio hosted FIN5 Orienteering week for about 5000 runners. In 2017 Kisakallio hosted World Cup Orienteering Tour of Finland with Hiidenkiertäjät, and in 2019 Kisakallio hosted Orienteering World Cup Tour with Helsingin Suunnistajat.

Every year athletes and students from more than 50 countries come to Kisakallio to combine sports and education.

In Kisakallio, we trust cooperation and we follow the same value as our founder Professor Ms Kaarina Kari already 1937 wrote:
“Happy is the one who is healthy enough to travel, and those healthy that understand to go, are more happier.”

PWT sends Season’s Greetings

Orienteering year 2019 is coming to an end and it’s time look back the past year and what the future will hold.

2019 saw PWT continue the collaboration with Beijing O Week and Learnjoy to organize another successful PWT China tour. The tour presented elite athletes from five continents and 25 different nations including bigger and smaller orienteering nations. The tour was concluded with the 117th Park World Tour event.

2020, PWT will continue collaboration with various parties to promote orienteering around the world. There will also be some exciting news coming up and something new to kick of the new decade.