Let’s go to the beach

Not Miami, but Rizhao, China provided the beach atmosphere on 19.10.2019 as the PWT race took place around Rizhao Beach Resort. The terrain was a real mixture and the visual reality could be a bit different than the first image in your head, as perhaps can be seen on the face of Maija Sianoja.

Photo: Asian Cup & Beijing O-Week

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Where heroes meet

Katarina Borg and Dorte Dahl chose the straight route to control 15 on a speedy course in central Budapest 8.10.1997. The Hungarian organisers had one speaker at the start and finish next to the Heroes Square, and another one announcing what happened at the water crossing – as well as live commentary online.

Dorte Dahl (in front) & Katarina Borg

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Get in

The PWT race in Chongqing on 2.11.2019 was a special one. Set inside a museum area – also literally – the athletes not only decided the ranking order with a chasing start one-man-relay final but also got to orienteer indoors.

Adela Indrakova (CZE) [Photo: Beijing O-Week]
A control inside the museum [Photo: Tuomas Kari]

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Waiting to welcome you

A unique experience awaited the Park World Tour orienteers in historical Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, and its 13th century castle on 7.10.1997. The first of four races in five days took them through colonnades and narrow cobblestone streets, crossing the Vltava river and the castle park.

Český Krumlov Castle

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Too tall to fit the picture

Beijing Garden Expo Park, 5.11.2019, start and finish under a very tall temple, one you could see from all parts of the terrain, warm weather and sunshine, different tactics to get into the picture below. Somebody even relied on compass, and with success.

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Three controls missing?

Thousands of people filled Laxå, Sweden, for a giant fair on 2.8.1997. Mapmaker and course setter Tage Hammer got some of them into the forest, watching a surprise on the Park World Tour course.

PWT 1997 Laxå Map piece

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Blooming smiles

These athletes had a lot of reason for their happy smiles. Not only they did amazingly well in the race but also got to experience orienteering in yet a new interesting map in Beijing, in a venue that was opened just for the PWT athletes on 8.11.2019.

Photo: Tuomas Kari

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This is how we do it

Pierpaolo Corona and Laure Coupat got some good advice from local host Svein Erik Mellem in Flisa, Norway, 26.6.1997. One of the smallest towns to host the Park World Tour welcomed the participants warmly – and the women got a shower early on in the race.

Photo: Erik Borg

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Choose your cottage

Linqigu orienteering town and its 2017 opened PWT International Orienteering Park offered the surroundings for the latest PWT race to have taken place, 9.11.2019. Galina Vinogradova was the fastest in the race that had some special challenges set among the cottages.

Photo: Beijing O-Week

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