PWT China Tour 2023-2024 news

The tour is confirmed from 30th December 2023 to 7th January 2024 in Shanghai, Zhoushan, Zhejiang areas.

All local costs In China, after your arriving, will be covered by local organizers. 

The event will include 2 WRE – PWT races, for a total of 4 sprint events, with prize money. 

Suggested flights to/from Shanghai (Pudong airport). Best if you can arrive on 29th or 30th Dec. to China and depart on 8th January. 

The final program will be sent later on, but it is important to book the flight tickets and apply for the VISA as soon as possible. 

(Flights and VISA costs should be covered by runners) 

All runners are welcome! 

We are looking for 20 male and 20 female runners. 

From all interested runners we need passport number and date of birth for VISA invitation. Please send us these info at or

Preliminary program: 

Dec 30 (Sat) Arriving at Ningbo or Zhoushan airport better via Shanghai

Dec 30 (Sat) Departure to Zhoushan and check in 

Dec 31 (Sun) Sprint (PWT 1/WRE 1) – Zhoushan

Jan 1 (Mon) Sprint (PWT 2/WRE 2) – Zhoushan

Jan 2 (Tue) Departure to Shanghai

Jan 3 (Wed) Rest day – Shanghai

Jan 4 (Thu) Rest day – Shanghai

Jan 5 (Fri) Rest day – Shanghai

Jan 6 (Sat) Sprint (PWT 3) – Shanghai

Jan 7 (Sun) Sprint (PWT 4) – Shanghai

Jan 8 (Mon) Departure from Shanghai

PWT China Tour 2023

PWT China tour 2023 is under organisation.

The dates to save are from 8th to 18th December 2023.

Only 20 male + 20 female runners will be admitted.

Want to join? Contact us! E-mail to: or

PWT Academy – O-Ringen stage 5

Last stage
Was a long distance course in the forest, most of the participants of the Academy finished before the heavy rain and hail…

On the way back from the arena in Änn, we stopped for a sightseeing at Njarka Sameläger, a reconstructed Sami village to see some of their traditional homes.

After the dinner, a nice long talk about the experience of the Academy and the O-Ringen this year. We are ready to improve and to keep supporting all the participants in their home countries, with all the possible means we have!

PWT Academy – O-Ringen stage 4

Stage 4
At some point we had pouring rain. Everybody was soaked today, but still smiling and completing the race 🙂

The participants of the Academy were interviewed by the local Sverige Radio where they talked about how they find the races and the terrains here, and how is orienteering in their home countries.

At the arena, we met the great Marten Bostrom ! 🤩

In the evening, we had the chance to sit with Grant Bluett, gold medal in the World Games in 2001, who shared his orienteering life with us,
and with Jenny Nilsson – Event Manager of IOF who explained the World Orienteering Day project, which will soon become WOW: World Orienteering Week!

PWT Academy – O-Ringen stage 3

This interesting middle distance was, as usual, easy for someone and more challenging for other participants to the Academy.
Nobody gave up even after a long time out in the forest.

As usual, in the evening we had the analysis of the race.

PWT Academy – O-Ringen rest day

In the free day we took some participants of the Academy to see the MTBO stage in Järpen.

We also promoted the 2 must-have books for all orienteers:
•the history of sprint orienteering, in “Made for loving it
•the collection of all maps and memories of World O-Championships since 1966: “Memories of the winners”

We went then for sightseeing the Ristafallet falls

And some of the participants went in town to watch the Sprint race of Elite classes.

We enjoyed to make together a puzzle of orienteering map awarded by LearnJoy ☺️

PWT Academy – O-Ringen stage 2

With a much more pleasant weather today, the race in an open area was easier for someone, and more challenging for others. Anyway everybody completed the course end enjoyed the day.

In the evening we had the pleasure to welcome Peo Bengtsson who told us about how O-Ringen started and some other amazing memories, while Albin and Johanna Ridefelt gave the Academy participants some very valuable advices.

We are so grateful for this day!

PWT Academy – O-Ringen stage 1

Stage 1!
Some run very good, some less good, but NO ONE GAVE UP!

All Academy participants completed the races on the wet terrains of today’s race. The race included the corridor to the finish with some very muddy parts.

All returned smiling!

After the long day out at the race and arena, we analyzed everybody’s competition.

Looking for tomorrow’s race!