Just like home

In local dresses, Reeta Kolkkala got to celebrate her second overall triumph and Yuri Omeltchenko danced for his first at the Park World Tour in Kunming, China, 31.10.2000.

Photo: Anders Vestergård

Why did Reeta praise the final race and the organisers? Navigate yourself to good answers in the PWT anniversary book Made for loving it.

All in place

20.10.2013 Changchun, China, saw a foggy race day, which later postponed the group’s flight to Beijing and stranded the athletes along with several thousand other people to Changchun airport. Before the race, Robert Merl, 10th among the men’s race that day, made sure everyone was in place for the opening ceremony.

Photos and the map from this extremely fast terrain in Made for loving it.

Filling the stadium

In front of crowded grand-stands, Grant Bluett sprinted in for a Park World Tour win at Hongkou Football Stadium in Shanghai, China 28.10.2000. Brigitte Grüniger, Lucie Böhm, Sarah Rollins and Eva Juřeníková took over as cheerleaders on a lap of honour in a thrilling atmosphere.

Photo: Anders Vestergård
Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

How many controls were set inside the stadium – and how many in the challenging park around it? Enjoy them all in Made for loving it.

Course set by

Since 1996, 118 PWT races have taken place. To organize these races PWT has collaborated with several partners from different countries. Sometimes the map has been made and the course has been set by one of the PWT officials, whereas some other times, it has been local organizers taking care of the essentials.

The races have also taken place in areas with historical or architectural value. On 22.10.2013, the race, organized together with Nordic Ways, took place in Yuanming Yuan in Beijing, the Old Summer Palace.

Who organized the race, who made the map, who set the course? Details from all the PWT races can be found in Made for loving it.

Stand up with the colonel

Lumpini Park became the first stop for the Park World Tour in Bangkok, Thailand, 24.10.2000. Colonel Varoros Paribatra honoured Reeta Kolkkala, Kaisa Salminen, Jenny Johansson, Karolina Arewång and Hanne Staff with flowers and prizes.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

What was the total climb of the course – and the temperature? Feel the heat and get the full story in Made for loving it.

Time for spa

On 13.3.2014 the spa town of Montecatini Terme, Italy welcomed the PWT and MOC athletes. The venue was set next to one the old spas.

After the race, the runners also got to enjoy some first-class gelato.

But who earned the biggest portions? Find the results in Made for loving it.

Down the wall

Maria Sandström and the Park World Tour orienteers in the old town of Fredrikstad, Norway 21.10.2000 got a good ride up and down the fortress walls. The tail running through the control flag brought split times also for the live TV broadcast.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

Which two continents did the satellite channel documentary from the race reach? Go global with Made for loving it.

PWT raced the castles

Race the Castles weekend 2014 saw PWT visit Scotland. The first race of the weekend took place on 11.10.2014 in Edinburgh, where also sprint WOC 2024 will take place. The venue was set right under the Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh castle area and old town are now under embargo for WOC. But who mastered the challenges the best 10 years before? Will we see same faces on the medals 10 years after? Check out the 2014 map and results in Made for loving it.

Towards World Championships

Among orienteers from 40+ nations, future long distance winner Thomas Bührer was one of the finalists at the Park World Tour Champions’ Week in Leibnitz, Austria 5.8.2000.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

Which addition to the World Championships programme did the International Orienteering Federation do one day earlier? Experience a week that changed the orienteering world in Made for loving it.

Creepy O

A dense fog around Stirling castle made the race on 12.10.2014 somewhat magical… or creepy, as on some legs the runners had to pass a foggy graveyard.

Race the Castles weekend saw the runners compete in two different locations. Stirling and Edinburgh. Made for loving it tells the rest.