She’s got it

Calm down, kids, the world’s best are coming
Mikiko Minagawa on the run in Suzhou, China 3.11.2005
… and is that the tower of Pisa behind Michela Guizzardi?
Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

+ Which control was the handheld one in Suzhou Amusement Land?

Get on the map and tricky tracks in Made for loving it – the tale of a new discipline that got another orienteering generation going.

Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

Long way around

They ran almost a kilometre – or more – between controls 12 and 13 at Weimeng Forest Resort in Shanghai, China 1.11.2005, the Park World Tour orienteers.

Who had climbed 5,892 metres ahead of the race? And who was the first Chinese to create a PWT map all by himself?

Learn from the forerunners of the sport in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation – a book created by the course setter. And start searching for Orienteering Today 7/2005 (Warm thanks to Jan Skřička and Petr Hranička) to find the women’s route choice analysis – and who was fastest on leg 15–16.

Beginning at the end

At a historical point of the Park World Tour course in Brindisi, Italy 5.3.2005, Dana Brožková, Ieva Sargautyte and Emma Dahlstedt posed for photographers together with organiser Gabriele Viale.

Photo: Lucie Navarová

Which is the 2000+ years old landmark? And who made the map and set the PWT course – here and in eight other historical city centres?
Follow the steps from the past towards the future in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation.

Where to meet us next

After the first vouchers to Mauritius 3 days 2022 handed out in ASOM, the next opportunity to win a voucher will be at the World Orienteering Championships in Denmark. Naturally, PWT will be present at WOC. Other destinations where you can meet us, for example, to pick up a book or get information on Mauritius 3 days, include:

Tiomila: May 7-8

Borås World Cup: May 26-29

Jukola: June 18-19

WOC: June 26-30

O-Ringen: July 24-30

We look forward to seeing you there!

All at peace

During one week, the Chinese national team travelled and stayed with the international elite for the first time – and competed, of course. In the Peace Park in one of the world’s biggest cities, they were met by school kids, eager to get out with map and compass.

Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

How many of the Park World Tour finalists in Shanghai, China 21.11.2004, do you recognise?

Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

Find them in action here – and get your copy of Made for loving it – Orienteering for a new generation to learn how the sport has reached millions.

Faster than the lion

Both humans and lions stood still when Johan Näsman got going in Suzhou, China 20.11.2004.

Photo: Michael Thulin

National champion Qin Yanxia finished the complex course spurting with the world elite.

Photo: Michael Thulin

Where in the city did the Park World Tour race take place? Look up the area – and another 120 race maps – in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation. And enjoy more of the adventurous Suzhou event here.

Speak up and sing it out

On 17.11.2004, Martina Dočkalová and the Park World Tour travelled through the songs and memorial creations of Yuhuatai Scenic Area in Nanjing, China.

Photo: Michael Thulin
Script: Zhang Jianping

Nanjing Association for Science and Technology hosted the event. Who gave the Elite Runners’ Speech at the banquet?

Hear the voices of the athletes and pioneers of the Park World Tour in the memory book Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation. Click here to find more race photos from Nanjing.

ASOM is approaching – with PWT supported WRE sprint

In 2022, Park World Tour is collaborating with Antwerp Sprint Orienteering Meeting (ASOM).

The ASOM WRE sprint on 3rd April is a PWT supported event with a chance to win a voucher* to Mauritius 3 Days Orienteering 2022. The winners** of ASOM 2022 WRE Sprint (M/W elite class) will receive a voucher for Mauritius 3 Days Orienteering 2022.

*Voucher = Full board (accommodation + food), transportation in Mauritius, entry for all events, (no flight tickets included).
**In the case of a shared victory, a voucher can be awarded to both (maximum of two) winners. If there are more than two runners sharing a victory, a draw for one voucher will be organized between them.

In ASOM, it is also possible to pick up the Park World Tour 25 years memory book Made for loving it. You can order the book online beforehand and pick it up in ASOM.

ASOM is an awesome Sprint Orienteering weekend in Belgium on April 1, 2 and 3 with very interesting Elite races: a Mixed Relay, a (full) Knock Out Sprint, and a WRE Sprint. As a non-elite orienteer you get the chance to run the sprints and a City Race on the same maps and watch all the Elite-action live in the arena. All races will take place near the city centre of Antwerp. More information on ASOM website:

A great number of world elite orienteers have chosen ASOM as a preparation on the way to Sprint WOC

We are looking forward to meet you in ASOM and in Mauritius 3 Days Orienteering 2022.

True debut

The Park World Tour in Nagoya 6.11.2004, was a first for many of the ones involved.
In the home of the Ochiai’s, the organisers – also Japan’s and Asia’s first World Championships hosts in 2005 – prepared for the event: Kimiya Ochiai, Chiaki Kudo, Yoji Seguchi, Yoshiki Nonaka, Koji Kudo, Shinichi Abe, Akihisa Ohira, Naohiro Yamaguchi and Shigeo Nakada. In Ryakuchi Odaka, many of the athletes got their first experience of orienteering in Japan, and interested students got to try the sport in the spectators’ race. Rachel Smith, New Zeeland, and Kyong Sa Ri, representing the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, did their PWT debut, while Chiyoko and Nobuhiro Ishida got to study the Skogssport magazine, whose journalist Sarah Thörn got her first Japanese o-map, as did Park World Tour president Michael Thulin.

Photos: Michael Thulin & Anders Vestergård

Which technical novelty was presented at the race in Nagoya?
Experience the orienteering development in Made for loving it – and find more of Michael’s pictures here.