Among the favourites

Pinar Narter was Turkey’s first Park World Tour starter, cruising through La Favorita Park in Palermo, Italy 4.3.2006.

Photo: Lucie Navarová

For a while, local runner Michele Ciancia managed to keep up with Christian Nielsen in this first international orienteering event on the island of Sicily.

Photo: Lucie Navarová

What made Christian a worthy race winner? Read all the PWT maps and courses – and the stories behind them – in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation.

Caught speeding

Photo: Anders Vestergård

The local police in Yuxi, China, with apprentices Martin Johansson and Ewan McCarthy, have stopped Øystein Kvaal Østerbø after the Park World Tour final 10.11.2005. ”You can’t judge the courses just by looking at the map at home. When you move through the terrain at a speed of sometimes below 3 minutes per kilometre, even the easiest of courses become challenging,” explains the champion.

Photo: Anders Vestergård

Who succeeded Simone Niggli-Luder on the women’s throne? And how many nations were represented on the 2005 final tour?
Catch more of the elite orienteers’ thoughts and experiences in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation – and get out running yourself.

All on stage

Surprised by eager students in Hangzhou, China 6.11.2005, Mats Haldin was congratulated and photographed before the start of the West Lake Orienteering Festival.

Photo: Anders Vestergård

In the hometown of the national Student Orienteering Association and one of China’s most highly ranked universities, a technical novelty had just been introduced in the men’s Park World Tour race. Which one?

Find the answer – and one of the trickiest PWT tracks – in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation.

See them fly

Confetti covered the crowded the start and finish area after a festive opening on 5.11.2005.

Photo: Brigitte Grüniger/Orienteering Today

Jinhua, China was dressed up like a bride, warmly welcoming the orienteers.

Photo: Michael Thulin

How many international top sport events had taken place in the town before the Park World Tour arrived?

Join the athletes of the definite direction in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation. For peace.

She’s got it

Calm down, kids, the world’s best are coming
Mikiko Minagawa on the run in Suzhou, China 3.11.2005
… and is that the tower of Pisa behind Michela Guizzardi?
Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

+ Which control was the handheld one in Suzhou Amusement Land?

Get on the map and tricky tracks in Made for loving it – the tale of a new discipline that got another orienteering generation going.

Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

Long way around

They ran almost a kilometre – or more – between controls 12 and 13 at Weimeng Forest Resort in Shanghai, China 1.11.2005, the Park World Tour orienteers.

Who had climbed 5,892 metres ahead of the race? And who was the first Chinese to create a PWT map all by himself?

Learn from the forerunners of the sport in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation – a book created by the course setter. And start searching for Orienteering Today 7/2005 (Warm thanks to Jan Skřička and Petr Hranička) to find the women’s route choice analysis – and who was fastest on leg 15–16.

Beginning at the end

At a historical point of the Park World Tour course in Brindisi, Italy 5.3.2005, Dana Brožková, Ieva Sargautyte and Emma Dahlstedt posed for photographers together with organiser Gabriele Viale.

Photo: Lucie Navarová

Which is the 2000+ years old landmark? And who made the map and set the PWT course – here and in eight other historical city centres?
Follow the steps from the past towards the future in Made for loving it. Orienteering for a new generation.

Where to meet us next

After the first vouchers to Mauritius 3 days 2022 handed out in ASOM, the next opportunity to win a voucher will be at the World Orienteering Championships in Denmark. Naturally, PWT will be present at WOC. Other destinations where you can meet us, for example, to pick up a book or get information on Mauritius 3 days, include:

Tiomila: May 7-8

Borås World Cup: May 26-29

Jukola: June 18-19

WOC: June 26-30

O-Ringen: July 24-30

We look forward to seeing you there!

All at peace

During one week, the Chinese national team travelled and stayed with the international elite for the first time – and competed, of course. In the Peace Park in one of the world’s biggest cities, they were met by school kids, eager to get out with map and compass.

Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

How many of the Park World Tour finalists in Shanghai, China 21.11.2004, do you recognise?

Photos: Anders Vestergård & Michael Thulin

Find them in action here – and get your copy of Made for loving it – Orienteering for a new generation to learn how the sport has reached millions.