In the long run

On 20.10.2007, the Park World Tour stretched out to support the origins and endurance of orienteering. Anne Margrethe Hausken was the only woman to complete the course in less than two hours.

Photo: Michael Thulin / Map: Fredrikstad SK

How long was the men’s race? And who had forgotten that he was a PWT winner?

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Whose winning route?

Map: Maurizio Ongania/FISO Basilicata

”I have never experienced an orienteering course like this,” said Hanne Staff in rock-carved Matera 27.10.2002. Yuri Omeltchenko, in a Park World Tour sweater knitted by his mother-in-law, joined Nicola Manfredi at the final banquet, singing L’Italiano.

Photos: Jaroslav Kačmarčík

And who was fastest of them all, regaining the lead between controls 11 and 12? Enjoy an amazingly challenging race and 25 years of PWT in Made for loving it.

Keep your hut high

Hanna Palm and Gøril Fristad found their way among 1,600 trulli stone huts in world heritage city Alberobello, Italy, 26.10.2002.

Photo: Jaroslav Kačmarčík

What had happened to the previous Tour leader? Navigate through the adventures of the Park World Tour orienteers in Made for loving it.

Upside down, multiply by 5

Céline Dodin, Cindy Becu, Céline Deflandre and Perrine Manissolle did their Park World Tour debut on 24.10.2002. At the university campus in Mulhouse, France.

Photo: Kjell-Erik Kristiansen

While Emma Engstrand almost outscored the Tour leader.

Photo: Marcel Meier

A man that was disqualified in the premiere six years earlier turned the 50th race into a success. In how many of them had he taken part? And how many countries had the PWT reached now? Get onto the maps, facts and figures in Made for loving it.

Greater than Thåström (and Kent)

On 24.7.2002, two Swedish rock’n’roll legends played in Skövde, centre stage of the O-ringen 5-days. The Park World Tour in nearby Karlsborg, a few hours earlier, attracted a few more.

Thanks to Skaraborgs Allehanda and Sportbladet

In which order would you have picked the four first controls on the fortress course?
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Closing in for the victory

Matthias Müller snapped the victory on 15.11.2008 in the PWT race moving along the streets and grapevine filled ridges of Lonigo. Going home with a bottle of sparkling handed by the local winery.

The race in Lonigo, like many others taken place in Italy, was organized in collaboration with PWT Italy. Along the years, PWT has had and worked with many collaborators. You can find also them and their stories in Made for loving it. Also a perfect Christmas present!

Scottish traditions

Perth city centre on 11.9.2010 saw some modern sprint orienteering action, the courses zigzagging in the very heart of the city centre. But afterwards, it was time for a more traditional approach, starting with bagpipes during the flower ceremony and ending on Scottish folk dances in the prize giving banquet.

Sprint orienteering has come a long way for what it is today. How did it evolve? Read the whole story, the history of sprint orienteering as a discipline, in Made for loving it. Also a perfect Christmas present!

Who’s missing?

The national Olympic Committee president and principal of the Sport Institute of Finland, Tapani Ilkka, awarded Hanne Staff, Simone Luder and Liisa Anttila in Vierumäki on 14.6.2002. …

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén
Photo: Aki Saranen

… Which male medallist did he get to congratulate only in the evening banquet, when Pasi Ikonen, Jani Lakanen and Marius Bjugan had lost what they first got around their necks?

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Street food

Beijing Olympic Park, on 23.10.2010, provided the athletes with fast paced action, 2000+ local students competing for their own championships, and an arena production which amazed the athletes back in 2010. After, the race festivities changed, quite literally, into a street food session.

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In here

Petr Losman admires his Park World Tour gold medal.

Photo: Erik Borg

Which building did he and the other competitors get to navigate through in Prostějov, Czech Republic on 12.5.2002?

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