Mauritius Orienteering festival update

Park World Tour, in cooperation with the Mauritius Minister of Sport and Tourism and in connection with IOF, should have organised during 2020 a seminar to introduce Orienteering in Mauritius, followed by an International Event.

Due to the pandemic, the events were postponed.

In the meanwhile, Park World Tour and Mr John Domah, Acting PE Organiser presso Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius, decided to organise a first online international seminar.

This seminar aims to introduce Orienteering to 20 Mauritius attendees, selected among many candidates.

The seminar will be structured in 6-8 online classes touching many aspects of the sport, such as equipments, maps, symbols, how to prepare courses, how to organise an orienteering event, how to introduce orienteering in the schools and many others.

The goal is to give an overall knowledge to all the attendees, and prepare them for the next upcoming organisation of an International Orienteering event in this beautiful country.

The first class is scheduled for the next 19th March.

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