Orienteering at Kakanmath Temple, MP – India

An orienteering activity for male rural villagers or nearby towns was organised in the spectacular frame of Kakanmath Temple, Morena MP, a Shiv temple dating back to XI century, which according to the legend was build by ghosts because of its peculiar architecture. 

Orienteering is a great activity for these rural villagers because they don’t have access to any sport premises such stadiums or playgrounds. 

PWT Academy sends thanks to Dhyanchand Foundation, Mr Sandeep Singh, Mr Deepak, Mr Sanjeev Pandey and the New Delhi O-Club for giving this unique chance to these promising athletes. They have never seen not only an orienteering map, but any map before, and some of them run in sandals, but they completed the course with 100% success, no mispunches nor missing points!