Who’s missing?

The national Olympic Committee president and principal of the Sport Institute of Finland, Tapani Ilkka, awarded Hanne Staff, Simone Luder and Liisa Anttila in Vierumäki on 14.6.2002. …

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén
Photo: Aki Saranen

… Which male medallist did he get to congratulate only in the evening banquet, when Pasi Ikonen, Jani Lakanen and Marius Bjugan had lost what they first got around their necks?

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Street food

Beijing Olympic Park, on 23.10.2010, provided the athletes with fast paced action, 2000+ local students competing for their own championships, and an arena production which amazed the athletes back in 2010. After, the race festivities changed, quite literally, into a street food session.

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In here

Petr Losman admires his Park World Tour gold medal.

Photo: Erik Borg

Which building did he and the other competitors get to navigate through in Prostějov, Czech Republic on 12.5.2002?

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Up there

Svajūnas Ambrazas enjoyed the forest-park mix in Čechy pod Kosířem, Czech Republic on 11.5.2002. Searching the slopes of a 442 metres hill and finishing next to a chateau, the veteran found himself a Park World Tour medallist.

Photo: Erik Borg

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Mapping in progress – Mauritius

The mapping continued in Mauritius with the arrival of Petr Hranicka, international mapper.
Together with Roman, and with the unshakable help of John Domah of Orienteering M, the map works continued to Domain de Lagrave, fully supported by Mr Gilbert, the owner.

This is such an interesting area for orienteering. Are you ready to compete here? We are finalizing the preliminary info of Mauritius 3 days, next year in November 😎
Stay tuned!

from left: Mr Gilbert, Roman, Petr, John

Imperial gardens

Many historical sites have set the venue for PWT races throughout the years. The Summer Palace in Beijing is definitely one of them, being the stage for the race on 27.10.2010. On the sunny Danish double day victories in both classes went to Denmark with an additional double victory among the women by Ida Bobach and Emma Klingenberg.

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Under the rings

Flanked by the owner of the national dress, and her husband, keen orienteer Nam Seok Oh, Vroni König-Salmi was honoured as winner of the season in Seoul, Korea 28.10.2001. In the Olympic Park of the 1988 Games, new beginners got to try orienteering after the Park World Tour final.

Photos: Anders Vestergård

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Take rest my friend

Was the repeated advice from the amazing local speaker, here cheering the top 6 women of the PWT race that took place on 15.9.2012 in Changchun.

The advice still lives on among those present at the event. Another thing that lives on, are the memories. Made for loving it has a section called Voices of the athletes where several runners share their PWT memories from the early days to present day.

Mauritius – map making training

Roman Horky held a training on map making, while at Palmar beach. It consisted in one practical part in the forest and then a “question time” part.

All the interested people were already given the basic information about map making during the webinar from April to June, with the precious help of Andreas Kyburz, project manager of OCAD.