Orienteering at Kakanmath Temple, MP – India

An orienteering activity for male rural villagers or nearby towns was organised in the spectacular frame of Kakanmath Temple, Morena MP, a Shiv temple dating back to XI century, which according to the legend was build by ghosts because of its peculiar architecture. 

Orienteering is a great activity for these rural villagers because they don’t have access to any sport premises such stadiums or playgrounds. 

PWT Academy sends thanks to Dhyanchand Foundation, Mr Sandeep Singh, Mr Deepak, Mr Sanjeev Pandey and the New Delhi O-Club for giving this unique chance to these promising athletes. They have never seen not only an orienteering map, but any map before, and some of them run in sandals, but they completed the course with 100% success, no mispunches nor missing points! 

First school

50 students of the Karan International School of Ambah, Morena – Madhya Pradesh India got to experience orienteering for the first time.

Thanks to Dhyanchand Foundation, Mr Kapil (director), the principle of KIS, Mr Sandeep Singh, Mr Deepak and the New Delhi O-Club, Mr Sanjeev Pandey for giving the chance of spreading the seeds of our sport to these new minds.

Work to promote orienteering in India continues

At the moment, PWT Academy officials are in India to help spread orienteering there. A series of events promoting orienteering are taking place.

Today, 85 students between boys and girls of the Dron Academy of Porsa, Morena – Madhya Pradesh India met orienteering for the first time.

And the girls of this school outperformed the boys!

Thanks to Dhyanchand Foundation, the principle of Dron Academy Mr Raghvendra, Mr Sandeep Singh, Mr Deepak and the New Delhi O-Club, Mr Sanjeev Pandey for making it possible.

The SportIdent equipment was donated by Park World Tour Academy to the New Delhi Orienteering Club, who have been active in spreading orienteering in India.

Day 2 in Chongqing

The second race of the Chongqing event was run today in Yidu Ancient Town, Dadukou, Chongqing. The terrain was divided into two very distinct parts as you can see from the map.

“It was another hot and humid day but a very cool course. First part was in an old village before a steep transport leg to a park above the village. I made 2 small mistakes today but was happy to win both races in Chongqing.”, said the men’s winner Yannick Michiels (BEL).



Two-day event in Chongqing

As part of the PWT collaboration in China, a two-day event is organized in Chongqing this weekend. The competitions are organized by Learnjoy and Chongqing Orienteering Association, with PWT as the coordinator. There are also few international athletes taking part.

The first race was run today in Dandelion Coldplay Camp, Dadukou, Chongqing. The weather was hot and humid, and the hilly course was a mix of camp site, park, village, and farmer fields. There was also a part in a maze.



PWT tour in China 2024

We are announcing that we are planning a PWT tour in China for the second half of October 2024. Save the date!

Most of the races will be World Ranking Events, and all races will have prize money.

More info about places and dates will come later, but you can already send your application to info@parkworldtour.org: we are looking for 20 male + 20 female elite runners from different countries!

PWT China Tour concluded in Dongziguan

Another tricky sprint in Dongziguan, a village with a new architecture combined with old Chinese style. The men & women elite run the same course and again there was a big number of Chinese runners taking part, including many youngsters.

Thanks to Miki Tse, the Zhejiang Orienteering Association, Firee Sportswear, Thomas Tan and Learnjoy for the organization.

Full results

Challenging third day on PWT China Tour

The sprint in Longmen Old Village proved to be a very tricky one. The courses were set in a pedestrian area with some very narrow streets and alleys. Many local runners joined the event and the best Chinese runner classified 3rd in ME.

Thanks to Miki Tse, the Zhejiang Orienteering Association, Firee Sportswear, Thomas Tan and Learnjoy for the organization.

Full results

Meeting with Hangzhou high school for a cultural exchange.

In days between racing in PWT China Tour, local high school students were challenged by elite runners on a super sprint race , while testing a brand new time keeping system, touch free and a vibrating one, which received many good feedbacks.

Thanks to Miki Tse and the Zhejiang Orienteering Association for organizing the day.

Orienteering in India takes steps forward

While the PWT China Tour is ongoing, orienteering activities supported by the PWT take place also elsewhere. In these days in New Delhi, the first orienteering club in India “New Delhi Orienteering Club” leaded by Mr Gaurav Dhyanchand and powered by Dhyan Chand Foundation organized the first competition in a new map, produced by the locals.

International Orienteering Federation (IOF) sponsored the event by supplying Ocad Starter kit.

Park World Tour proudly supported the organizers by supplying the SportIdent system, which was used for the first in India on a race totally organized by the locals.

The race was organized for a group of girls, and the sport is starting to grow in the country as more and more people are getting in contact with orienteering. The participants seemed to enjoy the activity and have a lot of fun orienteering. The next event is planned for March, and the goal is to involve a larger group of runners.

Park World Tour is keeping on the support to the locals by holding a webinar for map making and event organization. Keep following the development of orienteering in India.



Dhyan Chand Foundation