Up the mountain

With respect, Yuri Omeltchenko turned his eyes to the Planai mountain on 11.8.1998. The Austrian ski capital Schladming hosted the Park World Tour, also taking the runners down the World Championships downhill course.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

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Bridges and alleyways

A double effort was required on 17.12.2017 in Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championships, not just with two races but two which demanded constant focus.

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A postcard from the saints

Lucie Böhm (now Rothauer), timekeeper Bjarte Dyngjeland, Katarina Allberg (now Smith), Karolina Arewång (now Arewång Højsgaard) and Juha Peltola enjoyed Assisi, Italy and the Park World Tour 8.8.1998.

Photo: Jaroslav Kačmarčík

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Warming up with the locals

21.10.2018 marked the beginning and the first race of Beijing O week 2018. Before the race,  Tereza Janosikova, Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, and Maxime Rauturier, invited by the locals, tried some tai chi to wake up their muscles.

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Island views

The map has hardly dried after the thunder and rain that hit Suomenlinna on Helsinki day 12.6.1998. The Finnish fortress island opened its gates for the Park World Tour orienteers – and keen followers on ramparts and cliffs.

PWT 1998 Helsinki map piece – Mapmaker & course setter: Henrik Tala

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A punch under the grapevine

Emil Svensk was the fastest man in what turned out to be a triple victory for Sweden in the yards of Qianyuan Chateau winery on 23.10.2018. Here Emil punching the last control under the grapevine.

Photo: Tuomas Kari

Karolin Ohlsson further provided to the Swedish success with a 2nd place in the women’s race.

Photo: Tuomas Kari

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Cool on the hill

An oasis in central Västerås, Sweden, the Djäkneberget hill drew thousands of people to the Park World Tour on 1.5.1998. At control 12, a memorial stone, the audience got as close as they could to art, history and international sport, with Edgaras Voveris already heading for the next one.

Photo: Erik Borg

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First ever for Germany

Colin Kolbe became the first ever German PWT winner on 25.10.2018 in Beijing Garden Expo Park, another area covering several orienteering map sheets. Small stairs didn’t bother his map reading too much.

Photo: Beijing O Week

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World class ambassadors

Amidst a week of unique experiences, 42 orienteers climb the Great Wall for a training run. They have introduced their sport to students, journalists and ambassadors in the Chinese capital, heading for the Ming Tombs 15.3.1998. There, they will delight university representatives from all over the land with another race – and a lucky lottery winner with a mobile phone.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén
Photo: Erik Borg

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Olympic? Forest? Park?

These three words are combined in the Olympic Forest Park of Beijing, which is a huge area covering also several orienteering map sheets. On 26.10.2018 the PWT runners got to experience the hillier part of the park. Anja Arbter punching in one of the controls set in the middle of a steep slope.

Photo: Beijing O Week

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