On the football field

In Oslo, 31.7.1996, the Park World Tour racers got to share the arena with 15,000 young soccer players, taking part in the Norway Cup. Ragnhild Myrvold and the orienteers got a share of their cheers.

Photo: Erik Unaas

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A dive before the crowds

Diving into the river Laxån was the fastest route to the second last control at Park World Tour race number two in Sweden 20.7.1996. Marie-Luce Romanens stayed calm, in front of thousands of eyes.

Also Carsten Jørgensen was not able to finish with dry feet.

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All in one

Outside the spa hotel where all the runners stayed, the Park World Tour started in Vaasa, Finland, 13.6.1996, live on TV. Carsten Jørgensen, Rudolf Ropek and Jörgen Mårtensson finished on the podium, with sauna and banquet dinner waiting.

Photo: Bengt Tunis

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Endorsed, approved

In early 1996, the new series got its name and logo, created by Peter Björknäs, and the endorsement of the International Orienteering Federation. On 15.2.1996, the Park World Tour association was approved by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

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Heard of the Park World Cup?

Heard of the Park World Cup?

In December 1995, IF Femman’s organisers Anders Vestergård, Peter Ivars, Stig-Erik Dahlfors, Jan-Erik Hall and Harri Hoffman presented a new orienteering series, to have its premiere in Vaasa, Finland, six months later. (Photo: Stefan Lillandt/Vasabladet)

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PWT sends season’s greetings

PWT wishes all the orienteers all around the world happy holidays and a prosperous new year 2021! Hope to see you in events and races.

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Towards a TV sport

25 years ago …

Towards a TV sport

In December 1995, the Finnish broadcasting company Yle started the preparations in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa, with the live-broadcasted Park World Tour premiere 13/6/1996 in sight. Journalist and commentator Leif Lampenius (pictured on the right of TV director Raimo Piltz, on the site two weeks before the event), recalls the first steps of an important evolution:

Long since, it was a major privilege to play a tiny role in the early years of the PWT. I do really think about all that, now and then, and it still feels valuable for me.

I remember how interesting and inspiring it was to work with all the broadcasting productions of a new type. We felt we joined something that certainly was going to be important in the evolution of the sport of orienteering.

It felt like a kind of trend setting. And I think it really was. Especially I remember the early stages in Vaskiluoto in Vaasa, in the fortress island of Suomenlinna in front of Helsinki, and the one in the city centre of Jyväskylä with its ridge. And I recollect them with warmth.

At that time people in general did not necessarily believe in orienteering as a TV sport. But changes of that viewpoint started. And, as we know, during the following decades much more has happened. And that has been a very enjoyable progress. Orienteering is today an exciting TV sport. A happy story.

Leif Lampenius, TV journalist and commentator Borgå, Finland

TV director Raimo Piltz and commentator Leif Lampenius realised the first live-broadcasted PWT events. Having checked the course in Vaasa, two weeks before the premiere, they sat down in the sunshine.

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Book presentation and book delivery update

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