Beyond the revolution

Among 4000 visitors and 400 eager students, waiting to get out on the course, Vroni König-Salmi scored a fourth straight victory at the Park World Tour in Nanjing, China, 23.10.2001.

Photo: Anders Vestergård

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Park World Tour Academy visited Mauritius with a tight agenda of meetings aimed to develop Orienteering in the whole country.

Mr Jaroslav Kacmarcik, also IOF delegate of the Global Development Commission, and Ms Giulia Zenere, delegate of Park World Tour Academy, were welcomed by the Orienteering M, temporary Orienteering Federation of Mauritius.  

The purposes of the visit were to develop orienteering as sport in the school system and find suitable venues for orienteering races, both for school competitions and for international events.

Mr John Domah leaded the operative team of Mauritius, and organised the very first meeting on the Island straight after the flight arrival of the international delegates on 06/10 with the Director of NPCS National Park and Conservation Service Mr. Kevin Ruhomaun and his staff.

The Director illustrated the huge work of Park management, endangered species recovery and conservation of terrestrial biodiversity and, being Orienteering sport so green and respectful of nature, expressed his interested in hosting orienteering events in the parks.

The focus was pointed mainly to 2 of the the 3 National Parks of Mauritius: Black River Gorges and Bras d’Eau.

Black River Gorges National Park is situated in the South West of the island, and covers an area of 6574 ha. It harbours most of our flowering plants, bird species and some reptiles which are native to Mauritius. In 1977, part of the BRGNP was designated Man and the Biosphere reserve, by the UNESCO.

Bras d’Eau is located in the North East of the island. It covers a total area of 497.2 ha and is mainly under Mahogany, Araucaria, Tecoma and Eucalyptus plantations.  The name Bras d’Eau originated from the outline of the mass of water protruding in the land in the shape of an arm between Pointe Radeau and Belcourt Bay.

The visit to the Parks were scheduled for the next days.

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Meeting with NPCS, first from left Mr Ruhomaun

Torrential rain in the rice fields

Rice fields, corn fields, chili trees, bamboos. You could have made a meal out of what this terrain had to offer, besides the torrential rain that turned most of the terrain into mud fields on 21.9.2012 in Wansheng.

One runner was even able to completely destroy his map, yet able to finish the race.

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Save the next dance for us

Accompanied by Swedish cover band De Sotos, Jenny Johansson joined organiser Varoros Paribatra on the dance floor in Bangkok, Thailand, 20.10.2001. Gabor Domonyik, Tore Sandvik, Brigitte Grüniger, Jonas Pilblad and Mikhail Mamleev grabbed the microphones themselves.

Photos: Anders Vestergård

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Bernt’s big jump

Holmenkollen’s Olympic stadium and terrain challenged the Park World Tour orienteers in Oslo, Norway, 24.6.2001. Lots of climbing, both in the forest and in the stairs around the ski jump, offered decisive routechoices.

Photo: Thommy Nyhlén

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Faster than James Bond

James Bond would have had a hard time keeping up with Helena Jansson and Thierry Gueorgiou in these winding alleys of Matera, the legend among legendary sprint terrains.

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Long way to North-East

It was a long train ride from Beijing to Changchun for the PWT athletes to reach the race venues on 19.10.2013, which saw a double sprint day with a prologue and a final. Mårten Boström, Tuomas Kari, and a hiding third person took some rest on the way. Mårten ending up winning the prologue.

The final took place in a vast Sculpture Park. Here Scott Fraser approaching the last controls.

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Just like home

In local dresses, Reeta Kolkkala got to celebrate her second overall triumph and Yuri Omeltchenko danced for his first at the Park World Tour in Kunming, China, 31.10.2000.

Photo: Anders Vestergård

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