PWT supports Eef Van Dongen in pursuit of World Games success

One of the main purposes of PWT has always been to support rising young orienteering stars in their pursuit of international O-success. Especially, PWT has provided support for athletes from “smaller” orienteering countries to help them have more equal changes in competing.

On this line, PWT is supporting Eef van Dongen (Netherlands) in her trip to the 2022 World Games. The games will be held in Birmingham, USA on 7-17 JULY 2022. World Games website.

Recently, Eef has produced some promising results in the international orienteering field. For example, in 2021 Sprint WOC at Czech Republic, she finished 16th. You can follow Eef’s path in her Instagram: eefvdongen

The ability of PWT to support young athletes comes partly from the sales of the Park World Tour 25 years memory book Made for loving it. The net proceeds from the book sales are used to support international youth orienteering as well as the PWT idea of taking orienteering to new destinations around the world. If you still have not acquired the book, you can get your copy here: