Orienteering in India takes steps forward

While the PWT China Tour is ongoing, orienteering activities supported by the PWT take place also elsewhere. In these days in New Delhi, the first orienteering club in India “New Delhi Orienteering Club” leaded by Mr Gaurav Dhyanchand and powered by Dhyan Chand Foundation organized the first competition in a new map, produced by the locals.

International Orienteering Federation (IOF) sponsored the event by supplying Ocad Starter kit.

Park World Tour proudly supported the organizers by supplying the SportIdent system, which was used for the first in India on a race totally organized by the locals.

The race was organized for a group of girls, and the sport is starting to grow in the country as more and more people are getting in contact with orienteering. The participants seemed to enjoy the activity and have a lot of fun orienteering. The next event is planned for March, and the goal is to involve a larger group of runners.

Park World Tour is keeping on the support to the locals by holding a webinar for map making and event organization. Keep following the development of orienteering in India.



Dhyan Chand Foundation