We are continuing the work with the memory book for the 25th years celebration of Park World Tour. We wished to have the book ready for Sprint WOC 2020 in Denmark, but since WOC has been cancelled, we are organizing a separate book release and anniversary celebration event later on this year.

As one of the first PWT races was held in Czech, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary in Czech Republic, in connection with the Euromeeting 2020 and WOC 2021 pre-training camp. So, save the date: 28th October 2020!

A competition for 25 men + 25 women from 25 different countries on a 1:2500 scale map; one course of 2500m for all classes; 25000 CZK for the winners. 25 VIP guests and a special celebration prize by lucky draw: 1 man, 1 woman, 1 VIP guest/team.
More info about the event coming later.

Naturally, we will follow the situation with the pandemic, but we are optimistic that the celebration and the race can be organized. We wish that all countries will be able to participate, according to the upcoming safety regulations for travelling.

ps. We have also updated information regarding other upcoming events, as due to the pandemic situation and different restrictions, the events along with many details are yet to be confirmed.

For more information about Euromeeting and WOC, visit the official WOC2021 web site