PWT & Kisakallio – A New Partnership

Park World Tour and Kisakallio Sports Institute (Finland) have started a collaboration aimed for orienteering promotion.

Heading in to the new decade, PWT also has some new collaborating partners. The first partnership to be announced is between PWT and Kisakallio Sports Institute. The main aim of the collaboration is to promote orienteering and develop orienteering related activities and events. More details will be presented at a later date.

Kisakallio Sports Institute is a non-profit foundation which offers a wide variety of sports, activities, educational possibilities and excellent facilities for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts.

Kisakallio Sports Institute was founded in 1949 to be a Gymnastics institute for women of all ages and today Kisakallio Sports Institute is one of the biggest training and education centers in Finland and Europe with 700 beds and almost 15000 sqm of sport facilities.

Orienteering is one of the main sports in Kisakallio. Kisakallio has hosted a lot of camps, especially for youth. Kisakallio has also organized many national and international events since 1980 when the first official orienteering map from Karnainen Korpi was published. For example, 2011 Kisakallio hosted FIN5 Orienteering week for about 5000 runners. In 2017 Kisakallio hosted World Cup Orienteering Tour of Finland with Hiidenkiertäjät, and in 2019 Kisakallio hosted Orienteering World Cup Tour with Helsingin Suunnistajat.

Every year athletes and students from more than 50 countries come to Kisakallio to combine sports and education.

In Kisakallio, we trust cooperation and we follow the same value as our founder Professor Ms Kaarina Kari already 1937 wrote:
“Happy is the one who is healthy enough to travel, and those healthy that understand to go, are more happier.”