Park World Tour Announces New Website

A new decade, a new website. 2020 will be the 25th year for Park World Tour. To celebrate this, Park World Tour launches a new website.

Since 1996 when Park World Tour was founded, 117 PWT events have taken place – the maps and results from those events you can still find from PWT’s old website, which remains online as a historical archive.

From 2020 on, all the news, events, and other PWT activities can be found from the new website PWT also presents a new Facebook pages for PWT and PWT Academy.

As we enter already the 25th year of PWT, PWT will continue to develop and promote orienteering in new countries and areas around the world. The new year will also bring some new collaborators and partnerships, while collaboration with existing partners also continues.

Connected to PWT organisation, Park World Tour Academy will help and support young runners to participate in differents international Events and Academies.

The original idea of Park World Tour is to offer 25 Men + 25 Women elite runners from different countries the possibility to run sprint competitions in urban areas with prize money, connected to cultural and touristic activities, and to give the same conditions for everyone.

Park World Tour, PWT, promoting orienteering since 1996, taking orienteering to new places and introducing our sport to new audiences. The work continues.