First Orienteering Seminar with Mauritius

Last week Park World Tour, in cooperation with Global Development Commission of IOF and key stakeholders from Mauritius sporting community, began the online Orienteering Seminar with the first meeting.

Mr. Tom Hollowell, CEO of IOF, introduced the seminar and explained how to include Mauritius to IOF to 20 selected attendees, most of them are Physical Education Teachers, everyone willing to introduce or deepen the knowledge of Orienteering in the schools of their country.

Mr. John Domah moderated the seminar, where each participant introduced her/himself. Mr John Domah is a key person for this great journey of Mauritius to IOF, he participated to the O-Ringen Academy in 2019 and had been in contact with Park World Tour since then.

Ms. Giulia Zenere of Park World Tour Academy introduced herself, she will lead one of the lessons about Orienteering event organisation.

Mr. Jaroslav Kacmarcik took the speech to introduce the idea of Orienteering, some history, the biggest O-events, the history and successes of Park World Tour, together with the preliminary program of the seminar which will include knowledge about map making and how to introduce orienteering in the schools.

The group of Mauritius already started to work hard right after the first online meeting.

  • An online press conference with Tom Hollowell and Jaroslav Kacmarcik has been scheduled for the 1st of April;
  • the entries to the online seminar have been opened to all the people from Mauritius interested in knowing more about orienteering;
  • and in only one week already 85 people signed in through their website

The seminar will continue with a weekly schedule. Stay tuned!